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Prolific, famous, and best-selling crime novelist Sara Thompson has a bad case of writer’s block. In the dead of night she surfs the web in a desperate effort to find her muse and rescue her faltering career. Instead, she finds a killer who wants her to experience the murders she’s created in her books – up close and personal.

Tampa Police detective Dave Mossier’s wife and daughter were murdered by a sadistic killer he put away early in his career, who taunted him from prison before escaping and exacting his revenge. Mossier’s on the edge of burn-out and considering turning in his badge. He doesn’t care what he does, as long as it doesn’t include serial killers, dead bodies, or crime novelists that sensationalize an all too gruesome reality.

Mossier and Thompson reluctantly find themselves having to team up to hunt down a psychopathic fan who is using Thompson’s novels as blueprints for murder, and with every killing streamed live on the Internet, Mossier and Thompson have to predict which novel he’ll try to recreate next before another victim dies a very gruesome and public death. Can they outguess the killer and end his crime spree? Read Press Play For Murder to find out.


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