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C.T. CharlesI am a writer and photographer with an adventurous spirit, and this blog is about my writing journey, with some of my photos thrown in for good measure.

I’ve been writing as far back as I can remember and started dreaming of becoming an author since at least my twelfth birthday, when my mom and dad gave me a Royal manual typewriter “for homework assignments.” It wasn’t long before I was typing away, creating my own stories in-between term papers.

Writer at Work – with audience!

Looking back, I wrote mostly western romances. I adored strong, handsome men with integrity and remember giving my heroes traits like those of characters Bret Maverick, The Big Valley‘s Nick Barkley, Wild, Wild West‘s James West, Captain Kirk, and James Bond—Sean Connery’s version, of course :-).

Inevitably, we all grow up and sometimes we pursue our passion and other times we go different directions before finding our way back—if we’re lucky enough. I did the latter.

Cheryl USMC

I served in the U.S. Marines, earned degrees in Liberal Arts and Physical Therapy, owned my own business as a Computer Consultant and Web designer, and worked a myriad of jobs including: warehouse and rides operator at Six Flags, drown-proofing infants, store detective, library aide, rural mail carrier, EMT and phlebotomist, and licensed PTA. Interesting mix, huh? I like to think I was busy collecting life experiences to provide material in penning my future stories.

Now I’m pursing my passion of writing and becoming a published author. I write mostly suspense, but I still find myself spinning romantic tales as well.

And I continue to collect life experiences.

At Crazy Horse Mtn in SD

When not writing, or blogging here about my experiences as a writer, I also blog about my travels and adventures, including nearly four months riding across the U.S. and South Africa by bicycle, and over two years (and counting) on the road as a Full-time RVer with my husband and our dog.

It’s good to be alive and pursuing my passions. I hope you enjoy reading about them, learn a little about the craft of writing along the way, and are able to go out and follow your own dreams.

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