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Easter Bunnies

Did you know that I once was a Playboy Bunny? Well, the bunny part is true—complete with ears, paws, and a fluffy tail. 🙂 Too bad I don’t have a video of the bunny hop I had to do while dressed like this. What teachers do to first graders in the name of school plays…

Since today is Easter Sunday, I thought I’d post my recent entry submitted to the Romance University April Showers Contest. Here’s what the contest required:

In honor of April Fool’s Day, Easter bunnies, marshmallow Peeps, and taxes, your entry must contain all four of the following words:

fool   bunny   peep   taxes

One or more sentences not to exceed eighty words total.

And here is what I wrote:

Betty felt like such a fool. How in the world did she let Jane talk her into applying for a position as a waitress at the Playboy Club? Now here she was, dressed as a bunny, not allowed to make a peep when the clients pinched her bottom! If she weren’t in so much trouble with the IRS over her ex-husband’s taxes, there would be no way in hell she’d ever be seen in public with a white, fluffy tail.

So, how about you? Care to give it a try? The contest is now over, but it is a fun exercise. Write your own ode to fools, bunnies, peeps, and taxes in the comment form below. I’d love to see your take on this challenge.

Happy Easter all.



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